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Restaurant l'Amphitryon

It is in a contemporary, elegant and refined setting that Olivier Beurné and Anthony Rauld welcome you to help you discover their vision of modern gastronomy. Kitchen is managed by Olivier Beurné. At the controls of the restaurant room, Anthony Rauld. Renowned sommelier, rfamous for his passion for wine. In association, these two great professionals have been able to continue this emblematic house of Brittany gastronomy.

For your taste buds Our menus

Chef Olivier Beurné offers an inventive cuisine constantly renewed. Its authentic and innovative touch combines fresh quality products composed according to the market and tide's arrivals. Don't expect to choose your dishes from a traditional menu: all the charm of the Amphy[trion] is to offer you a selection that changes daily, which the chef sublimates on your plates.

Chef Olivier Beurné

It was in 2017 that Olivier Beurné took over the business of the Amphi[tryon], with the complicity of Anthony Rauld, partner and sommelier of the place. Former starred chef for 15 years at Château Locguénolé in Kervignac, Brittany, Olivier Beurné is committed to democratizing gastronomic cuisine by introducing his culinary philosophy on tastes and textures. A successful bet for this restaurant in Lorient, which is still as famous as ever.

Sommelier Anthony Rauld

L'Amphi[tryon] is a 4-handed score: its chef Olivier Beurné, but also its sommelier Anthony Rauld who has been serving in the dining room for more than 15 years. An excellent sommelier renowned for several years, he offers Olivier an inseparable duo, by offering wine nuggets to the culinary journey offered by Olivier Beurné.

State of mind The Place

When you walk through the doors of this discreet Lorient House, you will be surprised by the stylish, sleek, contemporary and graphic decor, like the cuisine of Chef Olivier Beurné. This modern and elegant setting, with no frills, is reminiscent of the atmosphere of a gourmet workshop. A single desire when settling in: discovering the Amphi[tryon]'s vision of gastronomy and letting yourself be surprised...Welcome!

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Restaurant l'Amphitryon

127 rue Colonel Jean Muller
56100 Lorient